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My name is Sam Buehrer, I was born in 1978 and have been living my childhood with some exceptions, in the green and beautiful city of Winterthur. I work full time as a Music-composer and producer (Artist Name, Anthony Nobel), and own a studio with a friend.

We have found the Swiss Music Label ,,Luxury Grooves,, and working international for diffrent Clients around the World for advertising, filmmusic, jingles, u.s.w

Started with photography I have to again, end of the 80s, analogue with a Minolta that I got from a ,,buddy,, in a children’s home game against a Playcar. In the home we had several opportunities to in my own darkroom to experiment, and so incur my first black and white photos, homegrown.

Then I had a long break, i shoot occasionally with some digital cameras from different manufacturers snapshots, and discovered until many years later my passion for digital photography. Orders were not long on, and now, I have on a regular basis, inquiries and orders from all areas. These include governments, municipal offices, social welfare, individuals, weddings, etc. But I always try with all the jobs that you always keep an open mind and not to end up in Commerc, it comes to situations where I refuse certain requests. For me, photography is not my main source, but a more enriching addition to the music. Here and there times when I can earn some money which is great of course.

I am particularly pleased that you are on my page for a visit and wish you a few minutes of relaxation, and tranquility, while looking at my pictures.

Thanks for coming over

Greetz Sam Bührer


  • Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft
  • Stadt Winterthur
  • Mattenbach Verlag
  • WintiImmo
  • Anwaltskanzlei Mägerle Winterthur
  • Verein Läbesruum
  • DAS Winterthur
  • Swiss Urban Golf
  • Jahrbuch Winterthur 2016
  • Mattenbach AG


and many others…



Sam Bührer
Kirchhügelstrasse 19
8472 Seuzach
Tel: +41 052 534 09 88


3 Kommentare zu “About”

  1. Es freut mich Ihre Fotografie kennen zu lernen durch Ed. An Ihren schwarz/weiss Bildern sehe ich Ihre Vergangenheit in der Dunkelkammer… Viel zu oft wird gedacht dass ein Druck auf ein Knöpfchen von einem Farbenbild einen ebenso guten schwarz/weiss ergibt und muss schon wieder ein graues Haar ausziehen… 🙂 Gut zu sehen dass es auch anders kann…

    Viel Glück mit Ihrem Blog, der Fotografie und mit der Musik und freundliche Grüsse aus Belgien.

  2. Wunderschöne Fotos … vor allem deine Landschafts- und Naturaufnahmen gefallen mir sehr gut.

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